Aspire, Aim and Achieve 

May 2019

In school we have designed a new noticeboard which will enable us to highlight achievement by pupils each month. This board allows us to celebrate the achievement by a pupil from each year group plus the after school club. Certificates are awarded during a full school assembly on the last Friday of each month.
We encourage all of our pupils to “Aspire, Aim and Achieve” in everything they do both in school and at home.

P1 Sophie Boyle – showing a mature and conscientious approach to class tests.

P2 Tommy McAdam – showing a massive improvement in his manners, respect and care for others.

P3 Noah Cardwell – making really good progress with his reading and moving up a group.

P4 (Miss Haslam) Molly McClean – working really hard during classwork.

P4 (Mr. Clyde/Mrs. Kimber) Harrison Poulter – excellent effort in creative writing on World War 2.

P5 (Mr. Clyde/Mrs. Kimber) Sarah Stephenson – a super account of being a child evacuee during World War 2.

P6/7 Alana Woods & Anastasia Pencheva – very good reading in class.

P7 Kelsey Simpson – performing really well in her Summer class exams.

After school club  Karleigh Woods – being a very pleasant, happy afterschool’s club pupil.

Dates for your diary 

P1 Can Ahmedova – making really pleasing progress in all areas of his classwork.

P2 Ada Fikrit – always trying her best in all class activities.

P3 Noah Cardwell – working really hard in class and always doing his best.

P4 (Miss Haslam) –Molly McClean – working really hard in class and completing work much more consistently.

P4 (Mr. Clyde/Mr. Caddell) Joseph Woods – a good start to 2D shape.

Winners for September 2019

P1 Mariah Duffy – settling into P1 really well and being a really friendly class member.

P2 (Miss Haslam) Sophie Boyle – settling very well into P2 and always doing her best.

P2 Paulina Dabuleviciute – making a great strat to P2 and working really hard on tasks.

P3 (Miss Haslam) Cherith Purdy – settling very well into P3 and acting as a good friend to a new pupil.

P4 (Mr. Clyde / Mrs. Kimber) Joel Reilly – for hard work and effort with HTU place value.

P5 (Mr. Clyde/Mrs. Kimber) Mason Milligan – a positive start to P5 in every way.

P5 (Mrs. Johns) Hannagh Purdy – being a very valuable member of P5 who always gives her best.

P6 Ryan Jackson – being a very helpful member of P6, always willing to help his classmates.

P7 Maison Hunniford – general effort with school and homework.

After school club - Abigail Boyd – helping with the P1s in Afterschool Club

Winners for October 2019

P1 Thomas Newport – being helpful, friendly and hard working

P2 (Miss Haslam) Jacob McCoo – becoming much more independent

(Mrs. Whitford) Nathaniel Creighton – showing great progress in all areas

P3 Thomas Ritchie – always doing his best

P4 Maisie McBride – an excellent start made to decomposition in numeracy

P5 (Mr. Clyde/Mrs. Kimber) Lydia Rowland – excellent looking and listening when crossing the roads when out on our class Road Safety Walk

P5 (Mrs Johns) Ben Woolsey – Always showing a positive attitude to learning

P6 Sarah Stephenson – Always working hard and giving her best

After School Club Henry Logan – for always tidying up when asked

P7 The class – contributing to an efficient and productive coffee morning

Winners for November 2019

P1 Thomas Allen – working really hard during class revision

P2 (Mrs. Whitford) Paulina Daduleviciute – a super effort during class revision

P2 (Miss Haslam) Luke Harrington – making great progress with his reading

P3 (Miss Haslam) Dziugas Dabulevicius – making great progress with his reading

P4 (Mr. Clyde/Mrs. Kimber) Darcy Robinson – working hard with all tasks asked of her

P5 (Mr. Clyde/Mrs. Kimber) Aimee-lee Simpson – a positive effort towards everything asked of her

P5 (Mrs. Johns)  Brooke Cordner – a huge improvement in concentration

P6 James Reilly – consistent and conscientious work

P7 Corey Milligan – super effort writing a newspaper report

After school club – Cherith Purdy – being kind and helpful in afterschool club

Winners for January 2020

P1 Katie Corkin – always working hard

P2 (Mrs. Whitford) Nathaniel Creighton – improved concentration in class

P2 (Miss Haslam) Archie Russell – making great progress and always doing his best

P3 (Miss Haslam) Shiloh Allen – settling into

P4 (Mr. Clyde/Mrs. Kimber) Karleigh Woods – settling back into routine at Richmount

P5 (Mr. Clyde/Mrs. Kimber) Ruby McFarland – being a good class helper and preparing questions for our school trip

P5 (Mrs. Mayes) Alsu Ismail – a beautiful style of joint writing

P6 James Farmer – a super start to joint writing

P7 Keira Smyth – producing an excellent movie poster in literacy

After school club – Amy Newport – always helping to tidy up when asked

Winners for February 2020

P1 Dominic Keyahov – super helping at tidy up time

P2 (Mrs. Whitford) Pauline Dabulevicute – wonderful sentence writing

P2 (Miss Haslam) Archie Russell – working really hard in class and making great progress

P3 (Miss Haslam) Ada Fikret – working really hard at her reading and making great progress

P4 (Mr. Clyde/Mrs. Kimber) Riley Core – working really hard at division with remainders

P5 (Mr. Clyde/Mrs. Kimber) Lydia Rowland – focused and accurate decimal work in numeracy

P5 (Mrs. Mayes)  Annie Liggett – confidence with her divison work

P6 Kaitlyn Newport – super work in all aspects of division

P7 Anastatia Pencheva – writing a super chapter in the style of Jacqueline Wilson

After school club – Anna Smyth – being a great help in After school club