Aspire, Aim and Achieve 

November 2021

In school we have designed a new noticeboard which will enable us to highlight achievement by pupils each month. This board allows us to celebrate the achievement by a pupil from each year group plus the after school club. Certificates are awarded during a full school assembly on the last Friday of each month.
We encourage all of our pupils to “Aspire, Aim and Achieve” in everything they do both in school and at home.

P1 Alfie Wells – for being a friendly and helpful pupil at all times

P2 Jacob Hunniford – working really hard in class and always doing his best

P3 Mariah Duffy – working really hard on her sounding and making great progress in her reading

P4 Anna Smyth – always focusing hard and giving her best in class

P5 (Mr. Clyde/Mrs. McClelland) Rosie Liggett – making really great progress with her reading

P5 (Mrs. Mayes)  Umut Ismail – for showing great improvement in his reading

P6 Darcy Robinson – for super reading this month

P7 Ollie McCann – for hard work and cooperation