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Disability NI Inclusive Sports Day 2019

P7 pupils took part in the Disability NI Inclusive Sports Day at Brownlow Recreation Centre on Friday 21st June. This event was organised by Disability NI in conjunction with South Lough Neagh Regeneration Association. The pupils had a terrific morning of sport and fun, giving them a chance to play some sports that feature in the Paralympic Games. The highlight for everyone was having a go at wheelchair rugby

Personal Development and Mutual Understanding

– Personal Targets for 2017-18 – Revisit targets for the year.
– 02 & NSPCC Talk For Parents
– This takes place on Monday 16th April at 7.30pm
– High lighting dangers online
– Apps and their uses
– Protecting your kid online
– Support available from 02 Guru


– Making a mini water treatment plant
– Building and testing a model submarine
– Designing new crisp bags for Tayto


– Interactive organ website
– Research internet for areas under study
– Products produced in N. Ireland
– Tayto www.tayto.com
– Water www.niwater.com
– Produce a healthy eating leaflet


Spellings – 8 to 10 spellings will be set on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday each week. They will be tested the next day in class.
Friday Test – Each Friday all of the week’s spellings will be tested in class.
Tables/Number Facts – Learn throughout the week in preparation for Friday test.
Literacy Homework – A literacy homework will be set each Monday and Wednesday night. (All written homeworks must be signed for points to be awarded)
Numeracy Homework – A Numeracy homework will be set each Tuesday and Thursday night. (All written homeworks must be signed for points to be awarded)
Reading – Please discuss your child’s reading with him/her and sign their homework diary
Homework vouchers will be given out when pupils have reached 200 points!


Primary Seven travelled to the Tayto factory in Tandragee on Monday 3rd June 2019. This trip was undertaken as part of the WAU topic being covered by the class. Whilst there the pupils were given a super tour by their guide, Jill Uprichard. During the visit the pupils saw the entire process of crisp production from the arrival of the potatoes at the factory to the eventual packaging of the crisps ready for dispatch to the company’s three depots prior to delivery to the shops. The pupils were treated to free crisps at the conclusion of the tour.


– Multiplying decimals by decimals
– Order a set of consecutive 3 d.p. numbers (increasing and decreasing)
– Order a set of non-consecutive 3 d.p. numbers (increasing and decreasing)
– Demonstrate value of digits in any 3 d.p. number
– Round 3 d.p. numbers to the nearest whole number, and to 1 d.p. and 2d.p.
– Mentally calculate multiples of 10% of quantities (e.g. 30% of 140 as (10% of 140) x 3)
– Mentally calculate %s of multiples and factors of 100
– (e.g. find 18% of 300 as 18 x 3)
– Use negative numbers in calculations in everyday contexts
– Understand triangular numbers through spatial arrangements
– Understand the effect of using brackets in calculations.
– Use understanding of different ways of funding large purchases to decide on most cost effective choice e.g. calculating total cost of a holiday using different payment schemes.

Shape & Space
– 2D shape – recognition, properties, symmetry, angles
– 3D shape – recognition, properties, nets
– Tables- Multiply & Divide by 2-12
– Number Facts (Competencies)
– Mental Maths – IZAK9 tasks with shape

Data Handling 

Surveys, tallying, traffic surveys, bar graphs, line graphs pie charts (P7), mean, mode, median, range, probability
Tables – Multiply & Divide by 2-12</
Number Facts (Competencies)<
Revise place value of any whole number up to at least 5 digits (P7- six digits)
Count, read, write and order whole numbers to 900’000 (P7- One million)
Count, read, write, order and work with decimals two 2 decimal places (P7- three decimal places)
Multiply and divide whole numbers and decimals by 10, 100, 1000
Develop quick recall of multiplication and division facts up to 12×12
Round, estimate and approximate numbers
Revise percentages. Find 25%, 50%, 75% (P7- 20%, 30%, up to 90% by finding 10% and multiplying appropriately
Consolidate the relationship between fractions, decimals and percentages


Reading and Writing-P7 will read and discuss their reading within their guided reading groups. This term they will cover a range of texts which will include –journalistic writing in print-based and electronic-based forms. Practising answering questions about fiction texts and revise the writing skills needed for writing fiction.
Grammar – Revise verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, connectives.
Spelling – Spelling activities from the Complete Spelling Scheme.

World Around Us  

World Around Us
Football World Cup – P7 will carry out a study of the World Cup. Through the Belfast Telegraph Get On The Ball cross- curricular World Cup project pupils will be engaged in challenging activities. And receive a copy of the Belfast Telegraph each week.
This will involve the following:
– History of the World Cup
– Countries competing in the finals
– Study of Russia
– Northern Ireland’s football team
– The penalty kick
– Educational Visit – National Football Stadium Windsor Park Belfast on Monday 11th June.

World War One Centenary Project

On Wednesday 7th and Monday 12th November, primary seven took part in a World War One Centenary project organised by South Lough Neagh Regeneration Association. The pupils enjoyed an interactive school based session taken by staff from the Navan Centre at Armagh. During this session the pupils made replica war medals, then were put through some drills by staff in period costume. They simulated going over the top from a trench and tried out atefacts, namely a Mills bomb, stick grenade, gas mask, Enfield rifle, helmets and a trench periscope. This session proved to be an excellent forerunner to the second part of the project which was a trip to the Somme Centre outside Newtownards. 
At the Somme Centre the pupils learned about why the first World War broke out in 1914 and why men and boys from all traditions volunteered to join the fight. The highlight of the visit was a walk through the mock trenches, following in the footsteps of the 36th Ulster Division why fought so gallantly during the first day of the Somme offensive on 1st July 1916.


The P7 class have been enjoying using IZAK 9 to problem-solve and raise awareness of thinking skills in numeracy with Mr Clyde. Each week the teams of 3 are given challenges to solve using the numbers, shapes and colours on the cubes. They are required to listen to instructions carefully, share ideas in their groups and come up with strategies to help solve the given problem. There is a lot of competition between the teams as they are competing for points to win a prize at the end of the term! The teams must remember to ‘plan, do , review’ in order to be successful!

Special Thanks

The P7 class in Richmount Primary School would like to thank their sponsors, everyone who baked for the event and all those who came last Friday morning to support us! A fantastic sum of £1139.16 was raised for the Friends of the Cancer Centre in Belfast. I’m sure you will agree it was a lovely morning and the P7s served their guests very professionally with the emphasis on great food and excellent ‘customer’ service! A representative from the charity will be visiting school in November to receive the money and present the P7s with their certificates. I would personally like to thank all our supporters, the pupils involved and Mrs Wilson and Mrs Capper for all their support on the day. 
Mr Clyde 

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