~ Primary 4/5    2021~22

Mr Clyde P4/5 & P7 Teacher

Mrs. McClelland P4/5 Teacher Thu & Fri

Mrs Russell P4/5 Assistant

In P4/5 This Term We Are Learning:


  • Place value to hundreds up to 999 (P5 to thousands up to 9999)
  • Addition and subtraction of numbers up to 999 (P5 – up to 9999)
  • Rounding to the nearest 10, 100, 1000
  • Recording number in words and digits up to 999 (P5 – 9999)
  • Adding on 10, 100 (P5 – also adding on 1000)
  • Function machines
  • Problem solving with numbers up to 999 (P5 – up to 9999)

Data Handling – Read and interpret tally charts, bar graphs, pictograms, Venn diagrams and Carroll diagrams. Create tally charts, bar graphs and pictograms using data collected from the class.

Fractions – Recognise fractions of shapes and numbers, use of fractions in problem solving activities.

Shape – Revise 2D shapes and investigate properties, tessellations and patterns of symmetry.  Revise 3D shapes and investigate their properties and explore nets of shapes.

Tables– Multiply & Divide by 2-10 (P5)

Number Facts (Competencies)

  • Recognise, read and write numbers within 1000
  • Count on and back in 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s and 100s from any given number up to 999 (P5 – 9999)
  • Continuing sequences in numbers
  • Know addition facts within 100
  • Round numbers within 1000 to the nearest 10 and 100
  • Add 3 single digit numbers

Grammar – Revise nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs. Using capital letters, full stops, question marks, exclamation marks, speech marks and commas. Prepositions, conjunctions, apostrophes for contraction and possession.

Poetry- Explore different types of poetry including acrostic, rhyme, haiku and cinquain poems. Compare and contrast poems of similar theme. Use of adjectives and verbs in poetry. Write simple poems based on WAU weather topic.

Explanation Texts – Using explanation texts and responding appropriately. Explore features and layout of explanation texts. Using past tense. Time-connective words. Talking and listening explanation activities.  Glossary work. Using research to create a piece of explanation text with diagrams, labels and subheadings.

Reading and Writing-P4&5 will read and discuss their reading within their guided reading groups three times a week. Children are to take the time between guided reading sessions to consolidate reading already set. Comprehension texts will also cover a range of genre. Children will experience a variety of writing tasks and will be encouraged to revise and edit their work so that it is the best they can produce.


Spelling – Spelling activities from the Complete Spelling Scheme.


Spellings – P5 are all in the black group and will learn 6-8 spellings per night (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday). P4 are separated into either black group (6-8 spellings) or red group (10-12 spellings.) They will be tested the next day in class. Each morning in class spelling patterns and sounds will be discussed and explored.

Friday Test – Each Friday all of the week’s spellings will be tested in class along with mental maths/tables from the week.

Tables/Number Facts – Learn throughout the week in preparation for Friday test.

Literacy Homework – A literacy homework will be set each Tuesday night.
(All written homeworks must be signed)

Numeracy Homework – A Numeracy homework will be set each Monday night.
 (All written homeworks must be signed)

Reading – will be uploaded to Google Classroom. Please spend time with your child each evening listening to their reading.


Monday (Healthy Kids)


Please ensure your child has trainers on these days.

World Around Us 

Oceans and Seas

-All About Me: facts about me, my timeline, my interests and hobbies, my autobiography, interviewing and questioning, research and fact- finding, biographies, my coat of arms, self-portrait, senses

-Food and Healthy Eating: foods I like/dislike, favourite foods, healthy eating, seasonal foods, foods around the world, Harvest and being thankful, bread, making food, food production, suppliers and exportation, celebration foods

History: Developments in sea exploration over the past century, boat and ship design and construction from early man to present day, the founding of the RNLI, major sea disasters in the past, investigate the story of Grace Darling and her legacy, seaside holidays-now and then, famous seafarers

Geography: Major seas and oceans of the world and location, sea transport routes.moving waves-tides and currents, NI beaches-location and amenities, work of a lifeguard at the beach,coastal defences, locate RNLI lifeboat stations-Portrush, Kilkeel, Bangor, Donaghadee, Enniskillen, Larne and Cushendall, ocean resources-the fishing industry, perils of sea pollution, saving and protecting the oceans, danger at sea


-Science: Ocean food chains, design and construct own boat, design and construct a lighthouse with light, simple electrical circuits with a switch, investigate properties of materials including waterproofing, understand the concept of a fair test when conducting experiments


P4/5  Class

P4/5 GIMME5 Workshop

Today in school Jack from PIPS Hope and Support Mental Health charity came to talk to us about looking after our mental health. He delivered a programme called, ‘Gimme 5!’ which concentrated on 5 important areas to maintain good mental health.


-Be Active

-Take Notice

-Keep Learning


The workshop was delivered using a series of interactive games, class discussion and exercise.

P4/5 classroom displays

Child Pedestrian Safety Training Scheme

Mr Clyde’s P4/5 class have been working on their Stage 2 Practical Child Pedestrian Safety Training Scheme in partnership with the Department for Infrastructure. They passed stage 1 last year in P3/4. Over the past 5 weeks Mr Clyde delivered lessons in class on The Green Cross Code, Safer Places to Cross, Road Signs giving both warnings and information, the difference between rural and urban roads and the importance of reflective and fluorescent materials when keeping safe. Gareth McIlwaine, Road Safety Officer, came into school on Tuesday 22nd October and took the pupils on a walk around the local area where the children were asked to demonstrate the skills they had been taught. Gareth was very impressed with the children’s road safety knowledge and Mr Clyde issued each pupil with a certificate and a reflective keyring in assembly. The pupils will complete stage 3 next year in school.

Fire Service Visit Primary 5 and 6

On Wednesday 6th November members of the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Department visited school to talk to the Primary 5 and 6 pupils about fire safety in the home, reducing the risk of fires, electrical safety and raising the alarm in the event of a fire. Each pupil participated in activity-based activities and received an information pack to bring home.

P4/5 enjoy PE every Tuesday and Friday!

This week in PE with Mr Clyde we held a mini dodgeball tournament with the winning team receiving Dojo points to go towards their weekly target. To warm up we selected members of the class to try and chase others with a ‘tail’ and see who could catch the most mice! Each week we talk about the importance of regular exercise, drinking plenty of water and how to be a good team player.

P4/5 ‘Under the Sea’ Craft

In class we painted wooden treasure boxes for our ‘Under the Sea’ display and then made ‘treasure’ to put inside from a range of materials.

This Week In Art P4/5

This week in art P4/5 made ocean creatures from a range of given materials. They had to carefully follow instructions and think carefully about each task. The creatures were then added to our classroom Seas and Oceans display. Pupils could choose to make an octopus, jellyfish, lobster, crab, seahorse or fish. We all had great fun making our creatures!

P4/5 Weather Forecast

We wrote scripts for the weather forecast in pairs and presented our ‘7 day UK forecast’ together to the class. It was tricky to point out the places on the map while we talked about what the weather would be like at the same time. We had lots of fun and everyone was great at it. Lots of future weather presenters in our class!

Christmas Party

RNLI Lifeboat Station in Newcastle

The P4/5 class along with Mr Clyde, Mrs Wilson and Mrs Heatrick, visited the RNLI Lifeboat Station in Newcastle as part of their work on Seas and Oceans. The children toured the station, met the crew, watched some real-life rescues off the Newcastle coast on DVD, tried on the gear and safety equipment and climbed on board the All-Weather and Inshore Lifeboats. Each child received a badge, pencil and activity sheet on the completion of the tour.

After the tour we walked into Newcastle and enjoyed lunch in KFC. The children enjoyed spending their money in the Bon-Bon sweet shop and after that Mr Clyde treated everyone to ice-cream in Nugelato. A great day was had by everyone and the children were praised on the excellent behaviour and good manners everywhere they went.

P4/5 Millennium Court Arts Trip

The P4/5 class, along with Mr Clyde and Mrs Heatrick, visited the Millennium Court Arts Centre in Portadown on Wednesday 4th March to participate in a shared Arts project with a class from St Oliver Plunkett’s PS, Ballyhagan. The theme of the exhibition was ‘Life in the Past in Portadown’ and pupils got the opportunity to hear stories about life in their local town, play old games from the past and work together to build a kite from a range of materials. The trip and transport was fully-funded by the Arts Council and P4/5 would like to say ‘thank you’ for a lovely morning out.